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Technical Excellence, Global Presence

The Centurion Group is a U.S. based, engineering and development firm that focuses on solutions for environmental and health issues facing our planet.  From concept, to planning, to project implementation, we have both the technical skills, and the real world experience that enables us to make a positive contribution with cost effective solutions for a full spectrum of environmental projects.



The Right Team For The Job

Centurion GroupWith the Centurion Group of companies, you have access to an international team of professionals that combine scientific expertise with in-depth knowledge to develop the latest innovations and bring this technology to martket in an economically sustainable business model while improving the quality of the environment in which we live in.



We Do The Work That Matters, Every Day

Working alongside government and civilian organizations developing the latest innovations to address the ever growing environmental issues facing our planet. From rapid response hybrid technology power systems for security or disaster relief, to self-contained remote location water purification equipment, to state-of -the art recycling facilities, the Centurion Group of companies continues to conceive and implement commercially viable sustainable solutions.

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